Hi, this is my first post, this week i've been given a 700 voucher to spend for my 25 yr service at work, i'm not really into photography TBH but thought it would be a wise investment and the missus loves it, it would be used for a bit of everything, outdoor/kids and parties etc, i;ve read a few reviews and its completly over my head tbh. My friend thinks i should go for a Nikon d3200. the D3100 looks good value though, whats the difference? how much better is it ? ive looked at the 5100 and the 7000, i'd have to put money towards it if i went for the 7000 though, if i go for the Nikon i have several friends i could borrow lenses off if need be. Am i likely to want something a bit better spec in a years time if i went for the 3100? would the D7000 be a bit over the top for me as i know nothing about settings and technical side.maybe a 3200 and a couple of lenses?? how much better is the 7000 to the 3200.? i need to buy new as its a voucher, just wondered what the people in the know would do if it was their choice. cheers