Hi folks. As you can see I'm a newbie to the site. After years of using a simple Olympus for taking photo's when I go out Mountain biking it gave up the ghost. It was also the families compact and my wee girl now 10 loved the video feature. Now I have a dilema, I'm looking for a replacement you see. A compact that is fast enough to capture a fast moving subject without shutter lag, with a good zoom, and video feature. Ideally I'd be looking at around 150. Hope you don't think it cheeky joining and posting for buying advice but I do have an alterior motive in trying to get my wife into the hobby. (need to keep her busy so that I can get out on the bike more often ) we have a conon 450d but that's obviously a bit bulky to take biking and the number of times I fall of it wouldn't last long. Thanks in advance