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    Smile Top camera for wildlife is...?

    I have a Fuji HS20EXR which I love. I use it mostly on auto settings for wildlife - a butterfly near at hand, or a wader across the local reserve lake. I am getting great results but ideally I would like even greater zoom, better quality results, and more security in focusing. With the HS20 I find when using the zoom, you have to be pin point accurate in locating the object to be taken or there is blur. I also find I am not every successful with snapping whites and yellows e.g. on wild flowers. I considered moving to DSLR for extra quality but fear I would lose zoom power, flexibility and speed. Is there a bridge camera that will give that bit extra I am looking for? If not, what is the best way forward? ??

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    Hi and welcome.

    The Fujifilm X-S1 Fujifilm X-S1 has a larger sensor than most Bridge cameras. Has faster focussing. RAW and is better in low light.



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    Hi there,i am using the Nikon P510 at the moment and think for the money it just cant be beaten. It poruduces some great shots with good colour and good tones.On the down side the foucus is a bit slow compaired to my old panny FZ45 although if used in the PSAM it is a fraction quicker!

    Give one a try the zoom will blow you away.

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    Default Thanks!

    Many thanks for your very helpful responses to my question - I will read up on these and see how we go! Thanks again, JustWalk
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