Help!! I am struggling to transport and use my Photoshop Elements 8 catalog with my new Photoshop Elements 10 installation. All of the manuals and tutorials I have read or listened to assume Elements 10 has just been installed on the same machine where Elements 8 is installed. This is not my case.

I have been using Elements 8 to organize my snapshots on my aging Dell desktop, running Windows XP, since 1969. I use a 500GB LaCie external Hard Drive (drive:E) for backup purposes and a 1TB LaCie external Hard Drive (drive:F to store all my digital photos, having first made duplicate copies on CD/DVDs. As the internal hard drive became fuller and performance was becoming more sluggish, I took the opportunity when Elements 10 was offered at a very good price to purchase it and look around for a more up-to-date computer. I plumped for a Lenovo desktop with Intel Core i3 processor, running Windows 7 (no included monitor.)

Since February 2004, I’ve managed to accumulate nearly 30,000 files – yes, I know I’m not very selective but I’ve travelled a lot – and along with these files I’ve managed to create about 700 tags.

My first attempt at importing the PSE8 Organiser catalog consisted of me going to the catalog backup on my E:drive and hopefully `converting’ that. Using that converted file, renamed ‘Elements 8 catalog’ as the current catalog I began to connect with the photo files on the F:drive. I should maybe point out at this juncture, because of the lack of a 2nd monitor, I have to disconnect and reconnect the monitor as well as the external hard drives when switching from one computer to the other. After many minutes (hours) and allowing a good degree of ‘stacking’, when the job was finished I’d managed to retrieve about 10 tags, all applying to just about 6 very old photos.

As the PSE8 Organiser catalog backup is about 120GB on the E:drive, I was reluctant to just copy that onto the new C:drive and hope for the best. Instead, I searched for ‘My Catalog’ on the old computer and found it at ‘C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Catalogs\My Catalog’.

Looking at the size of the `My Catalog’ folder it’s 736MB seemed a lot more manageable. My plan was to copy this folder with its 3 sub-folders to an 8GB USB Flash drive. Then I would insert the Flash drive into the new computer and see if the new version of Elements could find and do something useful with that. However, again after many minutes (hours), copying stopped with the error message `Cannot copy breeze-29666: The directory or file cannot be created.’ By this time 731MB of the 736MB had been copied. I tried just copying and pasting the remaining files into the `BreezeData’ folder which prompted a similar error message.

Where do I go from here?

I was wondering about uninstalling Elements 10 and all its components from the new computer, installing Elements 8 on that computer, using the restore backup from the E:drive and then re-installing Elements 10. With luck Elements 10 would then find and invite conversion of the old catalog. Any thoughts?