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Thread: Nikon P 100

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    Hi Chris,

    I have got a new Transcend SDHC class 10 16GB and my laptop specification is
    Processor and Chipset


    processor T4200
    o 2.0GHz, 1MB L2, 800MHz FSB
    Mobile Intel

    GL40 Express Chipset

    Still the video jerk exists...

    if any other details required please let me know...

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    It looks to me as if the processor is not fast enough to decompress the H264 video coding

    I've had a look at the spec of the Pentium T4200 processor and it states the following:
    "Due to the slow clock rate and the small level 2 cache, the Pentium T4200 will limit the performance of demanding 3D games (e.g. Sumpreme Commander). For entry level applications like office, SD video cutting, image processing, Internet and casual gaming, the T4200 should be sufficient."
    Note how it states suitable for SD video which is standard video not the advanced H264 video.

    Out of interest:
    Does it jerk if you use no zoom or panning?
    Are you using a laptop?
    When did you buy it?
    Make and model number.
    How much RAM do you have?
    Are you using XP/Vista?Windows 7?

    Have you a friend with a faster computer who can run the video file for you as a test?
    Can you post a small sample on line so I can download it?

    You can cut and paste the above and answer next to it if you like.


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