Hi, i'm due to go travelling to South East Asia in October for 6 months, i have a DSLR at the moment (Panasonic Lumix FZ-something or other) but want something compact for safety and convenience. I will be giving the DSLR to my sister who starts a photography course at school in September and so I need something that will be good for travelling but will also be good enough to use for the foreseeable future when I get back.

My budget is about 200, i was looking at the Sony Cybershot DSC-HX20V which is almost 270, i would like to get a bit closer to 200 rather than 300, so any suggestions are welcome. If however, the Sony is in a different class and nothing is a good alternative, I would consider going for it.

I am looking for:

Good zoom
Great image quality
HD video recording (preferably 1080p)
Full manual controls
Of lesser importance, GPS.
Not too fussed on it being 'tough' or waterproof, i take good care of stuff and won't be going in water with it.