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    Question How do you calibrate programs and printers?

    Need some advice not sure what is happening.. 1) Open photo in Lightroom 3 and complete some adjustments. 2) Using Lightroom open with I open photo in Photoshop CS5. 3) Make some adjustments in Photoshop CS5 then print on EPSOn Photo stylus.

    In all cases the colours are not the same especially red. Lightroom to Photoshop the photo is brighter.. Then from Photoshop to print the red is a different shade e.g. medium red become a more crimson red. Lightroom and Photoshop same computer same display.. (basically the same for all colours even B&W shades are different)

    All programs have the latest updates…

    Would like to know how to calibrate the colours from each program and printers to be the same?

    Computer screen has been calibrated to true colour…

    Many thanks in advance, PKcool

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    hi you must use the same colour space through out ie SRGB

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    My understanding is that you can use adobe RGB but you will loose colours as it is not universally accepted and as such the printer will not be able to pick up the full colour range, leaving the colours looking a little flat.

    Also, it may be worthwhile callibrating your monitor. You can buy devices to help you do this but there is usually a callibrating option within software. In paintshop pro it is located File > Colour Management > Monitor Callibration

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