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    I see what your saying, Just the Olympus E-PM1 looking at a video doesn't look like has manual settings.

    Sorry keep coming back just alot to consider. Before i set self on getting TZZ0 and paying for something else later on. Tough choice appreciate feedback/Tips

    Never thought be so hard lol, If win Lottery i have no problem lol.

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    The Olympus has plenty of manual control as you have to adjust the lens to get the picture you want.

    Have a look at this tutorial on and what stopping down the lens does to an image. There's no need to get too involved yet but look at the samples.

    Stopping down the lens means more and more of the image comes into focus. With the TZ20, it's all in focus, so is ideal for landscape/ architecture/ street photography etc.

    Photography is easy once you know the basics. Having a 'good eye' is what makes a good photographer. I'm still struggling LOL

    Lets us know how you get on.


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    Thanks for help much appreciated! It's something im going to have seriously look in try and see it in shop. Also looking at link you have posted regarding lenses, looks like be better pay 300 with Jessops for two lenses.

    I dont know much about lenses etc so will have read up. I not one these see it and buy types lol. Study Study ha ha

    I know out my price range at min but i have seen photos of Panasonic GX1 look amazing! Will have to try post some!

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    The Twin lens offer is good value and will get you off to a good start.

    See some images taken with the Olympus E-PM1 Click on these samples, scroll down to download the Original to view at 100% and print if required.


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    1 Last question!!

    Before i go out and buy Olympus Pen E PM 1 the only thing that lets it down is Auto - White Balance

    Would this affect it much? I not in know on what setting actually does at min.

    Also would be worth paying a bit more for the Olympus Pen - E - PL3?

    Not sure if much difference between two models, i know the E-PL3 has dial were the E PM 1 doesn't. Whether it's same with White Balance i have to check.

    I know going down in price with new pens coming out.

    Thanks again

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    Forget about Auto White balance. I never use it unless under artificial light. On very sunny days I use Daylight or Cloudy and on cloudy days I use Cloudy. Cloudy gives a warmer picture. When you start using You can change the White Balance afterwards so it don't matter

    As for the I like a dial and I Just loooove the tilting screen LOL.

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    Thanks again for reply Chris and sorry to be a pest!

    I pefer dial not too fussed about the Screen tilting.

    Thanks for your input, much appreciated im getting close to my purchase now. Helps when someone is in the know, i dont know enough yet

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    Okay, well let us know how you get on

    In olden days when men were bold. I used to shoot at waist level. Gives a different perspective. Get a small Set the timer to 10 seconds. Focus on subject. Press the shutter and put it at ground level. You may be pleasantly surprised lol

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    Thanks that looks handy that tripod and for a little price! Seems a Bargain!

    I still get my camera, will be off to currys to hopefully have demo as one in jessops the battery ran out!!

    So for 400 Compact System Camera is Olympus E PM1 Best Choice? I did look into the Nikon 1 J1 it didn't have option to do Panorama shots which would be useful!

    Must try sort for this concert next month. Need decent zoom for 02 Arena

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    Hi for the money the Olympus E PM1 is super value. It's down to the operator next as to what results you get. You don't need a long zoom as that restricts shutter speeds. Far better to crop the centre of the image as there are plenty of MBs to play with...



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