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    Ah thanks for that, thought i would need a zoom to get good pic of singer as im in the upper tier. What mainly use to edit pics just Photoshoot? im sure i'll sort it out!

    Just need tripod any you recommend?

    and i need suss out all these different memory cards can get!!

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    Well, I'm not saying you will get the singer on their own. But more of the group or band.

    You can use Pixlr in my signature to crop your pics. You won't be allowed to use a tripod at the venue. Use the 2 second timer so you don't shake the camera .

    As for memory cards. I use Transcend 16GB from Amazon.


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    Ah I see. I don't need tripod for concert. Just for outside use. I think for concert I be using ISO 800 setting. I check card out thanks I know different speeds!

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    The light will determine the shutter speed and ISO setting. The lower the ISO, the better the image. Shoot when the stage is brightest. Just take plenty of shots lol.

    Okay about the tripod. I use myself - the heavier the better. TBH, I use the 2 second timer a lot when taking landscapes etc. I also have a pocket tripod that I rest against lamp posts, pillars on walls and benches etc.

    When you get the camera. Take some distant images at ISO 800 on full zoom, then crop the middle and see what you get - you will then know the limitations of the zoom and camera.

    Memory card link


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    After my shop in Currys yesterday. The Olympus models after having a go i think really need go with one with White Balance.

    I think the Sony NEX5, Panasonic GF3 are my main options or going down DSLR Route with Cannon EOS 1100d would i get into a concert with a DSLR tho?

    I do like Tesco/Currys/PCWorld you can just pick camera up switch on and have a play.

    I ruled out Olympus and Nikon 1 J1.

    If i do go down the DSLR route then i will need a neater camera for night out etc. I seen the Nikon S9100 for 99 in Tesco which looked a good buy!

    You must be sick of my posts by now, it is a bit back to drawing board i must admit hardest thing i shop for but be good when i get right one!

    Least ruled a few out now!

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    I have been mate, really good site.

    Just after bit info on DSLR, i be comparing both models tomorrow in shop. I be buying a WB750 inless anything better for similiar price?

    I have a camera tomorrow and both sorted within a week, just want to make right choice with a DSLR.

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    The Samsung WB750 is as good as any in the small sensor range. Read about it here

    I've got lost as to what you are considering with regards DSLRs, sorry!

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    Thanks, I off shopping tomorrow so i hopefully come back with a WB750 if it's in stock!

    On DSLR i looking at either the Cannon 1100D or Nikon D3100 prob know more when i tested them in shop, I get one lens with either of camera i pick and get an extra lens in a month or two.

    I imagine be plenty choice with lenses which ever i pick!

    Also i think it be the WB750 I Take to concert, not sure i get in with a DSLR!

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    With regards DSLRs, both the ones you mention are entry level, so need a good going over before you decide...

    I notice for example that the canon 1100D has a smaller LCD screen and video is not HD. It also has no cleaning system...

    A lot depends on where the controls fall and how easy it is to change ISO, WB, EV etc.

    Have fun

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    Yes plenty to consider, i read reviews too long, need go test them out!

    Shame that no WB750 left and wont be gettting any more, been told new model WB150 is similiar shame doesn't have Manual Controls according to What Digital Camera Magazine!

    Nightmare 3 weeks to get a camera ha ha!

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