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    Ive been looking at these Olympus cameras SZ-31MR


    Olympus E-PM1 Compact System Camera

    Is worth paying extra one these or sticking to panasonic? I will look into a DSLR Camera next year i think. Just need some time to save up for one and of course research.

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    Hi Claire

    The Olympus SZ-11 seems to offer the same sort of things the Panasonic has. I have not seen any images from it.

    The Olympus cameras SZ-31MR offers better low light photography but have not seen any images from it.

    The Olympus E-PM1 Compact System Camera is one of the Micro Four Thirds with a much bigger sensor than the SZ-11 that gives much better images in low light and if you want to print at A3 size. I'm not sure I would get the E-PM1 and a DSLR later though. Either one system or the other. Also worth a look is the

    The travel zooms as in the SZ-11 and Panasonic TZ30 are fun cameras to use, mainly in good daylight and there is no need to carry extra lenses.

    You only really need large sensors if you are going to do more than just post images on the internet, or want to send them to an Agency to make some money, or print up to A3, or for Exhibitions etc.



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    Thumbs up

    Thanks again Chris, I've made mind up now lol, think going go with what you orignally suggested the TZ20.

    I will look into one the others next year some time.

    This be good camera big improvement on what currently have the photos look decent, and neat carry about.


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    Okey dokey!

    Come back and let us know how you get on with it.


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    Hi Chris,

    I havnt gone ahead and bought it yet. I started a Photography course last night. With my Olympus camera it was pretty pointless.

    As we needed find these on camera

    Aperture: A/AV.
    Shutter: T/Tv.
    ISO: Sensitivity/Film Speed:
    Exposure Compensation
    Zoom Ring
    Focal Ring
    Focus Settings: Focus modes/Buttons
    Shutter Release: Lock focus/Half press
    White Balance

    I noticed my Phone had few settings, ISO, White Balance.

    Having looked back at

    Can see got dial and is set out like DSLR. Do think have most settings? Be step in right direction as my Olympus is basic.

    My tutor said make sure has manual settings? Could you confirm this?

    After this camera as you always need pocket type camera im think i be looking into a Compact System Camera less bulky than DSLR's I like the look of the Panasonic Lumix GX1.

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    Hi Claire.

    If your on a course then I would get the Do not pass GO. Do not collect 200 LOL

    This will have most of the control you need.

    Some homework for you Learn about P, Av, Tv, M, aperture, shutter speed, Shutter/Aperture/ISO speed.


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    Easy if cost wasn't an issue, just no way i can pay 500 for camera at moment.

    Thanks for link will check it out

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    Ah Okay. Then how about back to the Olympus E-PM1 Compact System Camera at 229? This is a real bargain and you will learn a lot from it



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    I'll recheck that one out. Will that be worth paying extra for instead the TZZ0 i set myself on getting?

    Manual settings? Also what would the optical Zoom be?

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    Will that be worth paying extra for instead the TZZ0 i set myself on getting?
    There are manual controls on the TZ 20 but they are limited due to the small sensor. The small sensor means that everything will be in focus. With the PM1 you will get depth of field so backgrounds appear out of focus like with DSLRs. Portraits look better with out of focus backgrounds as well.

    The standard lens that comes with the Olympus is a 14mm to 42mm but due to the have to multiply the lenses by 2x. So, you in fact get a 28mm - 84mm lens.

    The Olympus is part of the micro 4/3rds class of camera and there are a lot of different lenses you can add later if you want more zoom

    The cheapest option is the TZ20 if you really want that long zoom and easy photography. The Olympus puts you in a totally different class of photography that needs a lot more thought and money if you add extra lenses.

    I have to say that I rarely use the zoom on my TZ10 as I don't need to photograph the top of the Eiffel Tower, but rather the whole of it!

    Come back if you want more help

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