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    You can still get the Samsung WB750 from Amazon

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    Thanks Chris, You can get the WB150 for 100 now so i have to check that out.

    Regarding the DSLR's i checked them out today. After waiting in queue an hour i got to test them.

    The cannon 1100D looks and feels cheap plastic to me, good point the menu easy to use and simple.

    Nikon 3100 feels better in your hand to be honest, So think i be heading for that, Im sure soon pick the menu up!

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    You must try Canon g12
    i love my G12 so much..very good in low light too!

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    Got WB150 well impressed with it plenty features to be creative. Love the live panorama mode.

    It get me in good practise for when get my Nikon D3100 with having the Manual settings.

    I got some tips of my tutor last night for concert im attending later this week, said best leave in aperture priority and lowest f which is 3.2 then give me great depth of field. on high iso.

    If you have any tips to concert tips please share, im sure i'll need flash wont I?

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    Hi, glad you like the 150.

    You never use flash at a concert unless in the front row as it won't reach! Always turn it off!

    I would put the camera in Auto mode and shoot some shots in the lounge or hallway at home and see how the images look.

    You are not going to get perfectly clean shots at the concert but acceptable ones with some noise. The Auto setting will set the ISO high so check after the first couple of shots.

    Try using the 2 second timer as this will reduce camera shake. You press the shutter then steady yourself ready for the camera to fire.

    Have fun
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