I use a camera for various things but need to carry it whilst cycling.

I pulled the trusty Finepix FII out the box yesterday to find the screen was gubbed - somehow it must have received a blow since last I used it but I don't know how. I'm assuming it will cost more to repair than the price I paid for it and I could use more zoom in any case so it looks like a new camera for me.

I was never convinced that the colour rendition was what it should have been anyway, I've seen much better from "simpler" cameras.

A bridge type is too bulky for cycling with in my opinion so I want another compact with at least 10x zoom (though could take less if that compromises other facets), dial controls (I always found shuffling through menus frustrating) and, most importantly, a viewfinder. I'm not fixated on pixel numbers. I got the Finepix as it had the reputation (not entirely deserved) of good shutter lag so that's a requirement too.

Can anyone give me a starter for ten before I start searching the net? Any advice and experience would be appreciated.