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    Only thing i can really see is the AF in the 600D is within the camera body and not the Lens, is this correct. Yes!
    But it only matters if you want to use lenses that don't have their own motor built in, but as you are buying new, that won't be a problem.

    Yes, I think I would go with the D3200 if choosing Nikon. The WiFi add on might tempt me as well, although it's not to PC

    I would now concentrate on how they feel in the hand, Where all the buttons fall, The screens. Menu navigation, AF speed. Raw image speed, burst mode and live view focussing speeds.

    Have fun!

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    Well I have been into town this afternoon and had a good play with both of the cameras, I do like the Nikon D3200 a lot, The menu system seems to be more like what I'm used to, It seems to have a nice weighty feel to it and seemed to fit my hands better.

    The Canon was lighter and dare i say it felt slightly cheaply built compared to the D3200.

    They have both annoyed me though with the fact I have to buy another lens so I get my zoom.

    But that said Jessop's have a good offer on the D3200 at 529 and then a package inc zoom lens, memory card, bag for I think 160.

    Oh and not forgetting a 2 year warranty as opposed to 1 year for the canon.

    I am going to order the red D3200 in a couple of weeks time so thanks very much for you help Chris.

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    Sounds good to me!

    Hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

    If you ever want critique on your images, Then pop over to the Amateur Photographer forums (sister mag. of WDC) and post in the Appraisal Gallery There are size restrictions but there is plenty of help from me ion how to do that

    They also have a busy Nikon forum where you can get lots of advice on your camera

    All the best!



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