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    Default lens help required

    Hi All
    AM just about to order a Nikon D5100 - figured this was a good first DSLR to have. (after much reading)

    I am however well and truly confused with lenses. I recently used my brothers Sony DSLR which had a Tamron 28-200 lens fitted which was designed for a full frame camera.
    I want to order an APSC lens equivelant of the same field of view to this - what would that be?

    Please keep the answer simple - i have read up so much on this and just can't make head nor tail of it.

    For sure this will be the first of many Q's.

    Thanks in advance

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    hi and welcome first let say when buying a DSLR you buy into a system so make sure that system fits your needs, get a short list and go try them out see how they feel how they operate. if it feels right then you are long way to it being right. dont settle for i will get used it.

    the d5100 comes with a kit lens so what do you shoot as this will determine what lenses you will need.

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    Hi Oat,

    You don't mention what camera your brother was using: if it was an APS-C body you'd be after the same lens, as the APS-C sensors inside Sony and Nikon DSLRs are similar in size. If it was full-frame, however, the equivalent focal range on an APS-C body would be around 18-135mm. Canon, Sony and Pentax all offer an 18-135mm lens, although Nikon doesn't have a current equivalent model (there is an older Nikon 18-135mm F3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX lens which can still be found, though). You can, however, find the Tokina 16.5-135mm f/3.5-5.6 AT-X DX AF for around 570 in a Nikon fit for a D5100. Of course, there are many other lenses available which offer similar (but not the same) focal ranges, which may be more in line with your budget.



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