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    Question Essential kit confusion

    I've just ordered my first DSLR and thanks to everyone on this site, I was able to make some good, informed choices about the camera and lenses that I needed to build a hobby in wildlife photography. Unfortunately, I'm now suffering newbie confusion about the gadgets/extras I'll need.

    A monopod was recommended and a good rucksack seems like a no-brainer but when it comes to things like filters, monopod/tripod heads, battery grips and remote controls, ignorance and panic start to kick in. To start with, I've gone for a swivelling monopod head, UV filters for the telephoto and macro lenses and some extra memory but I'd love to know what other kit is essential or useful - and anything that really isn't.

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    There's a whole world of accessories out there for wildlife photography. To your own list you could add rain covers, bean bag, camouflage, remote releases, motion sensors... and then a whole world of macro accessories, if that's part of your repertoire.
    I suggest you start with our accessory reviews section and make a shortlist. Scroll down on for the various categories.

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    hi my advice is to get your camera take lots of pictures you will soon get another list of what you need. good luck

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    Thanks guys. After my first couple of hours shooting blurs, a bean bag and/or low-level tripod and a remote release are definitely on the list (as is the dummies guide for the Nikon D7000). I guess something to keep the dust out of the inside of the camera is probably also a practical must and the same will apply for some rain protection.


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