Hi Michael. thanks for your reply. I have handled the camera's but only in - store, & being new to the SLR world it really is quite daunting. The Sony Alpha 65 was impressive & on first look quite simple in terms of layout & use. The panoramic in camera photo stich was very appealing, as were the many preset modes...however it is also a very capable preformer for when I get more advanced. Next to that I felt perhaps the Nikon D3200 was very comfortable for use. Do you have an idea of how useful the in camera guide is? For example, there is a pre-set on the Sony for Sunsets, & a guide mode option on the Nikon, how do these compare? I ask as I want to get some good photos on initial use before I get the time to become more absorbed.

I had heard the 650D was out too Michael, but don't now much about it. Since your reply I had a quick look & it certainly sounds like it may have improved upon the Canon 600D, so maybe some more thinking to do. I'm not keen to spend unnecessarily yet see the actual retail price has dropped a bit since. I guess it may come down to the lens I require beyond the kit lens. I like the idea of an all-in-one for when travelling around, but then that brings further questions ha ha!

Of course I will read the review, but need to act quickly. Again many thanks for your comments.