Hello, I am keen on purchasing an SLR suitable for a beginner, yet which is capable for when I become more proficient & that will stand me well over the next few years.

The models I have shortlisted, thus far, are:

Canon 600D
Nikon D3200
Sony Alpha 65

Of these I initially felt the Canon 600D best served my needs, until that is the Nikon D3200 launched & I guessed this may be a better bet. Since then I have also looked at the Sony Alpha 65. My concern about the Sony is performance in low light conditions, sky at night etc? I did however feel the options of 10fps for wildlife/sports was an advantage, as were it's panoramic capabilities.

Please note that I am willing to save that bit harder & spend that little bit more should the model I choose prove to be a better investment for long term use. I also appreciate I may have overlooked an alternative model...eek, that will add to the confusion! As I said I am a beginner to SLR, & whilst always interested in photography have no lenses or SLR kit, which may sway me to one model over another.

It would particularly interest me to hear the views of the WDC team, as much of my knowledge comes from their publication. I'd also of course welcome any feedback/experience of forum members. I'm hoping to come to a conclusion quite soon due to travel & wish to thank any response given, all help is very very welcome.

Many thanks