Hi I am new to the forum but not new to WDC.
I notice there are a lot of helpful knowledgeable people out there who may be able to help steer me through the multitude of cameras available.
I currently have a 400D with an 18-55mm lens and a Sigma 28-300mm. I also have a 28-135mm which is hardly used as I found the auto-focus not very good, this is probably because there is now a screw loose inside so I need to get it repaired (any ideas on this would also help).
I am looking for a good quality compact digital with a similar if not better range than I have with all my lenses. My budget is about £600.
If I can find an all in one that will produce the same / similar quality as my 400D then I may sell up for the convenience of carrying one camera about.
I would also like one that shoots RAW files as I enjoy the editing.
I don't know if such a camera exists but any and all help is appreciated.
I have read quite a number of reviews from different web sites and publications but some contradict others, and some seem to favour certain manufacturers so I do not know if I am getting an impartial view, or one that is tempered by advertising revenue.
If I am asking the impossible then I will keep hold of 400d and spend a little less on a good quality super zoom which produces good quality pictures.

Thanks in advance