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    Question Good quality Compact with versatile lens range and possibly RAW images wanted

    Hi I am new to the forum but not new to WDC.
    I notice there are a lot of helpful knowledgeable people out there who may be able to help steer me through the multitude of cameras available.
    I currently have a 400D with an 18-55mm lens and a Sigma 28-300mm. I also have a 28-135mm which is hardly used as I found the auto-focus not very good, this is probably because there is now a screw loose inside so I need to get it repaired (any ideas on this would also help).
    I am looking for a good quality compact digital with a similar if not better range than I have with all my lenses. My budget is about £600.
    If I can find an all in one that will produce the same / similar quality as my 400D then I may sell up for the convenience of carrying one camera about.
    I would also like one that shoots RAW files as I enjoy the editing.
    I don't know if such a camera exists but any and all help is appreciated.
    I have read quite a number of reviews from different web sites and publications but some contradict others, and some seem to favour certain manufacturers so I do not know if I am getting an impartial view, or one that is tempered by advertising revenue.
    If I am asking the impossible then I will keep hold of 400d and spend a little less on a good quality super zoom which produces good quality pictures.

    Thanks in advance

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    hi and welcome you have several routes here you could upgrade your body to a 550d or 600d and get a better lens like the sigma 17-70os. next you could go csc and keep the ability to change lenses and then its the bridge cameras follow the link to wdc best 5 from 2011
    good luck

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    There are plenty of cameras with Raw shooting priced under £600, but you may find it difficult to find one with a zoom range that would equal that of your lenses without plumping for a Compact System Camera and lens combination instead. Most enthusiast compacts offer lenses with limited zoom ranges of around 28-112mm, such as the Canon GX1 and Fujifilm X10. Given the size of its sensor in comparison to many similar compacts, as well as the capable yet restrained 14MP pixel count, the former would perhaps come closest to offering DSLR-like images. Should you be prepared to go for a Compact System Camera, you may to look at the Olympus E-PM1 with a 14-150mm lens. While this wouldn’t be quite as portable as a compact, at £590 it’s within your budget and the combination would provide you with an effective focal range of 28-300mm.

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    Default Advanced Compact Camera

    Have a look and read up on the Sony RX100, big sensor, small body, RAW shooter etc.

    I'd like to have a good look at one of these as I'd like to replace "my -always -with -me" Fuji F200EXR with something more advanced and that produces better quality images, that is pocketable.

    Hope this helps more than it might confuse you over your choices

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