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    Just to clarify, both the Panasonic and Olympus cameras feature full automation, with Intelligent Auto, all the usual scenes modes, and built in special effects filters to create 'artistic' shots like you get with mobile apps like Instagram. The GF3's touch screen enables her to take a picture simply by touching the screen at the point she wants to focus on. They have the same degree of automation as the SX40.
    Conversely the SX40 also has the manual control over exposures that the other two have. If anything there are more external buttons and controls on the SX40 to get to grips with than on the GF3 and E-PM1.
    By all means get her the SX40 if that's what she wants, but not for that reason as it would be incorrect. What it should boil down to is a bigger zoom on the one hand, and a bigger sensor on the other.

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    Ah, understood.

    I will make this point clear to her - but will ultimately let her decide.

    Thank you again.


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