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    Hi, the Fujifilm FinePix S4400 uses a small sensor about the size of your fingernail. So do the Nikons you mention. And so do hundreds of other compacts (I have one).

    The problem is LIGHT! Not very good light means images will be dark and grainy if using full zoom. You can use less zoom and crop the centre of the image if only printing say 6"x4" or for the net.

    So, the Fujifilm FinePix S4400 is as good as any. You will have to adjust your and zoom according to the lighting in the stadium.

    Take a few shots and zoom in on the screen and see how they look at different zoom and ISO settings.

    Also, do turn the flash off in the stadium. It won't reach the arena and will save you joining the many thousands that don't and spoil it for other viewers...

    And don't forget. Post processing is an important part of photography and should be used to sharpen and enhance pictures taken with your camera. If you don't have an imaging editor, then use the one in my signature below. There are to get you started. The most useful is the and for even more adjustment. The is a must (it's my favourite all-in-one adjuster). My Resize-Crop-Sharpen tutorial below, will get your pics ready for the internet or whatever


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