I am 80 years old, and disabled, so have specific requirements regarding cameras which I can now use. Over the years I have had many cameras from simple point and shoot to the most advanced SLRs and DSLRs. Due to my inability to now walk far without sticks or crutches, in order to continue taking photos of people, wildlife and some sporting events I have had to resort to using a bridge camera which gives me the functions I need coupled with a decent zoom facility all in a relatively small and light package - which is all I can now manage. I have found that the Panasonic range to be very useful, and have had several including the FZ28 which I have now given to my grandson. I am tempted by the FZ48 or FZ150, but before I decide I would like to see what other cameras are available to suit me, and would like to invite your menbers to comment if possible.
My Ideal requirements:
Fairly small
Good zoom range - 25 to 300mm minimum
Excellent lens - ideally with F2.0 or lower at wide end
Manual/Auto/Tracking focus
Good sensor - 10 to 12 Mega pixel would be ideal
Good range of controls
Good viewfinder - my eyesight is not good
Not bothered about video - never used it on any stills camera yet, have used camcorders

If there is such a camera out there, I would be interested to know.

Thank you for any advice.