Hi, first post and hopefully some can provide some clarity to what i should be looking at as i am a little lost.

Background: My wife has shown an interst in taking up photography as a hobby. Its her bday in about a months time. So seems an obvious present to get her a camera. We have had a little chat and set a budget of around 150 and probably second hand.

So the question is what does that buy us and what is the best type of camera to buy for someone new at photography but would like more than a point and shoot type camera.

So far for the money mentioned:

I have seen a couple of DSLR, mainly Cannon D300 and a D60 6.3mp available with lens for that budget

Secondly the bridge type camera, all manner of pricing points second hand. What are the advantages / disadvatages of this type of camera?

Lastly the mirrorless camera with interchangable lens,

So would be great if someone could point me in the right direction?

or would looking for someking of course maybe online based, where she can learn the basics of using the camera properly.

thanks and look fowards to your help and clearing the muddy waters!