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    Default Help selecting compact camera sought

    Hi WDC forum,

    I am looking for an easy to use point and shoot camera, with 3" or larger LCD to take high quality images of scientific instrumentation in both high and low light levels, both photos of systems and components (say from the size of a washing machine down to the size of a mobile phone), so a good zoom function would be useful.

    Many pictures would be taken on a tripod, so I wonder whether remote control (?!) or a count-down timer would be useful to reduce the effect of camera movement on the final image quality.

    I know I cannot have my cake and eat it , but any advice on which camera performs best in terms of image quality over these conditions would be gratefully received.

    Budget ~ 500

    Any ideas, please?

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    Hi and welcome.

    A lot depends on what you want to do with the images.

    Are they being printed (and if so, what sizes) or are they just for web?



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    Hi Chris, whilst the photos are intended for both, I am mainly looking for good quality images for print normally to max. A4 sizen but the occasional larger image would be good,

    Thanks for any info you can provide,


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    OK, well, the other problem I have is the fact you want point 'n shoot.

    All cameras today have an Auto mode that allows you to point 'n shoot, but if you want a bit more quality to print the occasional A3, then it could be a choice between a fixed lens or removable lens camera.

    What I want you to do is to download a couple of full size samples of both, print them out and let me know which one suits your needs best.

    Sensor sizes. Starting from the middle (not to size). The two sizes we are interested in are the smallest one 1/1.8" and the second smallest 4/3 format. Note how they compare to the original 35mm film size.

    The first has a small sensor. 1/1.63" (8.07 x 5.56 mm - slightly bigger than 1/1.8" shown) Click on any image and scroll down to 'available sizes' and choose 'original'.

    The second has medium sized sensor. Four Thirds (17.3 x 13 mm) Click on any image and scroll down to 'available sizes' and choose 'original'.


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