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    Default Nikon 50mm f1.8G To buy or not to buy???

    Hi all,

    Iím going to give as much info as I can so here goes-
    I shoot Nikon crop frame at the moment but want to progress to full frame, hopefully in the not to distant future.
    I have a Nikkor18-135mm f3.5-5.6 G IF ED DX that Iíve found to be a good all rounder.
    Recently invested in the AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED Vrii
    Mostly shooting for the local football club but being asked to do more.
    Have in the past and only on film shot a little motor sport and a number of weddings but really not keen on the weddings.
    Think it makes sense to invest in decent glass rather than full frame body at the moment.

    Looking for my next lens.
    Keeping in mind that I do want to progress to full frame a number of lenses have come to my attention.
    The Nikkor 50mm F1.8 G, from my research so far seems to keep coming to the top of the list.
    Although I could use the older D version (camera has its own drive for focusing) almost all the reviews state the G version is well worth the extra money. In addition a number of reviews have said that in some respects the 50mm F1.8 G is almost as good and maybe a little better than the 50mm f1.4G. That sounds very good!
    Some other advice has added that maybe I shouldnít go for a 50mm at all as I am going to be shooting crop frame for the immediate future & that I should be looking more towards 35mm & that for a few pounds more I should look at the 35mm f/2D that will also be very useful on full frame when I get there. Donít know how that lens compares?

    So considering I have the Nikkor18-135mm f3.5-5.6G & the Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G Vrii, what lens would be the most sensible next investment?

    As you can see Iím getting a bit confused with all the options.
    What would you do?
    Will be very interested in your replies.

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    hi Quaddra

    i use Canon not Nikon but id say get a 50mm lens
    no ones kit bag should be with out one the images you can get with a 50mm are great for the price
    ok you have to walk forwards or backwards some times to zoom in or out so what its all part of the fun

    all the best

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    hi like blitz i am a canon shooter but i have canons 50 1.8 in my bag at its price point it makes so much sense. i think that this is the same question you have to ask yourself with nikon.
    as for other lenses then i would have thought that you would need a fast lens for the football something like a 70-300

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    What camera are you using just now?. Graham

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    Hi Russ, Wave & Graham and thanks for taking the time.
    Thanks Blitz, Some time ago in the days of film I was a Cannon shooter, Its pretty much what hooked me then decent digital appeared and I decided to take the plunge. All-ways liked the quality Nikon produced as well so used the opportunity to go in that direction and just love it, not to say I donít love Cannon my daughter has Cannon and it produces some great images. If money was no object I would have both cus I think that sometimes one could suit a job in the way its needed a little better than the other, thatís just a personal opinion. As you say the 50mm f/1.8 is great for the price and I am definitely leaning in that direction even if it means I will have to get fitter.
    Thanks also Wave. Another vote for the 50mm. I know what you are saying about a fast 70-300mm for football, that would be a great lens but I think thatís one that Nikon are yet to build and they should, I could be wrong. Good idea Wave. Any how going along the same lines you recommend I previously purchased the 70-200mm f2.8 quite fast right through the range and on my crop body gives me a reach of about 300mmÖ. a bonus. My only problem is when the action gets close I take my life in my hands backing up fast and blind with my eye stuck to the viewfinder. Sure Iím going to see myself having an incident on youíve been framed in the future.
    Hi Graham, Well at the moment I am still using my trusty old D80, yes know I should have replaced it years ago but looked after it, ts been good to me and all ways been pleased with the results. After all do we really need more mega pixels?.... or better mega pixels? I Did look at the D90 some time ago but didnít think it was hugely better but have had my mind changed when looking at the D7000 with its 6FPS and better iso etc, very, very nice. Was also looking at the older Pro D300s, would be great for football with its 7FPS but actually think the consumer D7000 could be better overall. Though as I said in my initial post I would like to go full frame, Looked at the D800 and at the time was told I could not have one cus there just arenít any in stock and we cant get any. I blame all you pros. Thatís how I ended up getting the new 70-200mm lens and actually think I did my self a favour. Actually now Iím not even sure if the D800 would be the right camera for me as its frame rate is not huge and those fantastic 36Mp files are going to use up a great deal of space, saying that though I still wouldnít say ďno thank youĒ if some generous person said here you are.
    My other contender was the Pro D700, Just love everything about it 5FPS, higher iso is just the tip of the ice burg, would be better for the football but of course your into full frame so Id have to head back down the shop for the new Nikon TC-20E iii Teleconverter, probably the most economical way to boost my 70-200 for football. Thatís considering that I think the Pros use something like the £4K 300mm f2.8 or the £5K 200-400mm F4 maybe even more expensive glass, not quite sure what they use, certainly look pretty expensive sat on the side of the pitch, and recently on the side of the courts at Wimbledon.
    Any how thatís all a little way off for me and a lot more spondules yet so I will keep dreaming that a gorgeous D4 and a really heavy box with Nikkor will turn up on my doorstep tomorrow. How your dreams change as you get older
    Back to reality for now - Shooting DX with a view to FX which lens? Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G - 50mm f/1.8D - 35mm f2D or something else? considering I have the 18-135mm and 70-200mm previously mentioned?

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    Hi I have a nikon 50mm 1.8 lens and have tried a friends 1.4 on my D90 . Although the 1.8 is a great lens the 1.4 is in my view far superior in picture quality and is worth the extra money. Hope this helps... graham


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