Am am in the process of getting my first DSLR and lenses and have done some research but wanted some advice and to see if i am along the right lines.

I am interested in either the NIkon D5100 or sony A57. From what i have read the sony is better for low light situations and i think this would be of benefit to me as i will be doing some shooting in bars, clubs etc that may have low light. is this correct?

Now we come to the lenses. I would like a wide angle lense 10-12mm, but cant justify 350 for even the cheapest option. what i am considering is to get the camera on its own, and then to add a tamron 18-200mm lense for 150.

Now, i have seen on amazon, some sort of fixed lenses that give you 2X magnification, wide angle, fisheye etc. It says these attach to the existing lense. Does anyone have experience of these? would this be a good alternative for the occasional wide angle shots that i want to get.


All advice on this is gratefully received.