First of all, I don't want to sound like I'm just here to slag off your site, I personally find the vast amount of information within incredibly helpful, and have spent thousands of pounds following your information without a dot of regret, however...

The site seems to be so much more...boring...than what it used to be, every time I load up the website, it never seems to change, I used to love opening up to find a whole new batch of lens reviews, news, blog posts, but now, all that seems to happen is the odd point and shoot review and the occasional DSLR (the latter being understandable though, as theres only so many DSLRs out there).

Just reading through your reviews:
Lenses: Jeez, to say there's such a vast amount of lenses out there, for one of the main photography websites in the UK its pretty poor to have such a lack of glass reviewed, you could review a lens a week and be going for the next few years quite easily.

Flashguns: There are so many new flashguns out from major manufacturers, and on the website, I cant find one, seriously, sony hvl-f43am, nikon sb910, canon ex580ii, list goes on.

There hasn't been a single 'proper' printer review since the tenth of FEBRUARY 2011, that's near enough one and a half years, I'm pretty sure there's been new printers out since then to be honest.

The blogs: Yes, they're full of information, however, one can only read them so many times without feeling a bit underwhelmed.

Videos: Just about the only thing I check on a regular basis, even still, they're pretty boring, could get an equal level of enjoyment out of just reading a specs list. Admittedly, from what Ive seen they are improving, but cmon, look at digitalrevs videos, theyre entertaining, informative (most of the time) varied and REGULAR, oh, and...THEY REVIEW LENSES! Look at the insane amount of views on their channel, if anythings going to promote you, booking your act up in the videos would be a good starter! Head to head comparisons, lens reviews, other entertaining things, just please, for your sake do something!

Another little thing: The sight in general is looking a little...dated, a new colour scheme or design could help out soo much.

I understand that you may be withholding information on the website to promote purchases of the magazine, however, since the site appeared to start to lose interest in its readers, I sure as hell lost interest in paying hard earned money each month for the magazine. Simple reason: I maybe check the website once a month, usually to no avail, so I have little awareness of the magazines existence. Theres no two ways around that, when I read the magazine, I enjoyed the website, and vice versa.

Like I said, I dont want to sound like Im just ripping on your site, that's not what I wanted to do, I hope you can take my critique with a grain of salt and see it as just me giving you a point in the right direction rather than just trolling for the sake of trolling.