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    Default Passport Photo - Face Half in Shadow

    I have been trying to prepare a passport photo of my mother-in-law, using the "How to Make Your Own Passport Photos at Home" article prepared by "What Digital Camera".

    I have a Canon EOS 550D with a Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 18-200mm. I followed the article's instructions very carefully. I did not use flash, I did take the shot indoors, in good daylight with the lady standing in front of a plain cream wardrobe door.

    When viewed onscreen on my HP Pavilion g6 laptop, either in Windows Live Photo Gallery, or in Serif's PhotoPlus X5, the photo looks fine, no sign of the shadows that the article warns are not acceptable for passport photos. However, when printed out using a HP DeskJet 2050, that printer having been fitted with new black and colour cartridges a couple of days ago, with just a few pages having been printed since, the face shows clear indication of the right-hand side of the face, (literally down the middle), being very noticeably darker/shadowed than the left. To repeat, that 'half/half' shadowed/lighter is NOT visible onscreen.

    As I could not think of any sensible explanation, I turned to illogical ones and printed on both plain photocopier paper and on proper photgraphic paper. Unsurprisingly, that did not cure it. The problem was still there.

    Help appreciated please. I need to get this job done as quickly as possible as there is an urgent need for the passport. I am trying to save my mother-in-law money by not going to a photo-booth!

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    hi alex

    does your printer have print preview before printing work out. As printing is a funny game but more times its colours looking dull not the case your having as shadows not showing up on your screen try using a flash just because some one says don't use one don't mean there 100% right or
    best thing to do is give your mom the money to have them done in a photo-booth as by the time you work out your problem it will have cost you more in paper & ink

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    as i cannot see the picture this is guess work and i would say that there could be a couple of answers.
    first printer you should have the same colour space set throughout the process camera screen and printer set to SRGB for example, the printer should be controlled by the program you are using., ie let photoshop manage and not printer manage colour.
    next taking the shot, you said you had the lady in good light where was the light coming from ie was it from a window and where was that window in relationship to the subject. Blitz has already said about flash IMHO i would have light my subject with bounced flash. a good trick to see shadows is get a business card and fold it so the white area on the back is showing then look at it it will show the shadows

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    Hi Blitz and Wave,

    First thank you both very much indeed for your kindness in offering help so quickly - it is greatly appreciated.

    Ok, I'll will have a look at my printer and also try your other thoughts. I would like to crack this one as we also need passport photos for my financee and her son - but for the record - thanks Blitz - we have temporarily surrendered and gone to a photo-booth!!

    I will get back to you to let you know how I get on.




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