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    Default A new DSLR or new CSC ?

    I recently photographed a friend's wedding. I used a Samsung N10 and the image quality was very good. But the focusing was often very slow. Some pictures were missed and others turned out blurred.

    So I am on the look out for a new camera. My budget is around the Compact System Camera and/or entry level DSLR level.

    I like the APSC sensor of the Samsung NX10 as it produces some very sharp images with accurate colours. I also have several of the Samsung NX lenses.

    There are three cameras which I find interesting. They are the new Samsung NX20, NX 200 and NX210 , Sony NEX camera and the new Nikon D3200 DSLR.

    Does anyone have any opinions on the focusing speed and image quality of these cameras please ?

    Many thanks


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    hi I have not used CSC cameras but the reviews say the focus of the nx10 is quick so not sure about why you had problems. my advice is go and try out the cameras you have short listed and i would add to this the new canon 650d. try them in low light and good light see if there is a difference


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