I sold all of my DSLR kit and lenses a few years ago when it became clear that the Canon S90 that I had as a small back-up/carry everywhere camra was the only one that I was using. On a recent holiday to the Far East, however, it soon became apparent that I needed to get back into the DSLR world.

I have previously used Canons, having had a succession of EOS cameras since 1990. The natural place for me to start was therefore the Canon 600D with a 24-105 lens. However, I am not tied to Canon and I wonder if the Nikon D5100 with a 24-120 lens may be a better bet.

My requirements are for speed of response and autofocus together with outstanding image quality. I am not concerned about a video function although I understand that both cameras offer this.

Is there anything to choose between these two? (yes, I know that I will have to properly handle both!)