I currently have an entry level dslr - Olympus e410. Its a nice little camera and takes some good shots. Its performance in low light is not so great - it can take ages to reel off a shot using the flash. Although I don't use it much in these conditions its a bit annoying on the occasions when I do.

With a more sophisticated DSLR out of my price range, I have been looking at a part ex deal for one of the new generation of bridge cameras such as Nikon P510 & Panasonic FZ45 as an alternative to the Olympus due to their massive focal length all without carrying lots of lenses. Does anyone know how these perform in low light?

I mainly take outdoor photos while travelling - usually landscapes & architecture, sometimes macro shots of flowers etc and the occassional snap at a family gathering! Some of my work has sold on a stock photography site, so the image quality needs to be at least comparable with what I already have.

I would appreciate any advice whether this is the right thing to do and advice on which camera to go for. The HD video part of the two cameras I have mentioned is not a factor to me, its the image quality/ease of use/portability that is important.

My other option was to keep the Olympus and get a little compact for the times I want to take shots in low light - usually city landscapes & indoors - if such a compact exists without breaking the bank!