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    My camera is a Panasonic G2 with the 14-140 HD lens. As a keen motorcyclist/traveller I find it a bit bulky. Thinking of keeping the lens and swapping the body for the new GF5 to reduce the bulk a bit. Would this new setup work well (apart from the loss of the viewfinder which I could cope with). Another thought would be to replace the G2 a TZ30 or similar for ease of travel.

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    The TZ30 would obviously give you a 20x zoom lens that retracts into the body so you can fit the camera into your pocket. But you'd lose image quality, some creative control (especially regarding depth of field) and the ability to change lenses. So it depends on what you want.
    If just a camera for high quality snaps of a range of subjects, including ones a long way away, the TZ30 makes sense. From a creative/hobby point of view the GF5 would be much better. If you get it with the new X series 14-42mm power zoom it will be much smaller than the standard 14-42mm lens and your 14-140mm lens – you could keep that one in your bag for when you need the extra reach, which I wouldn't imagine would be all the time. Or you could get it with the fixed 20mm pancake lens.
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