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    Default Canon G12 - Alternatives?


    Quite new to all this, so forgive any apparent ignorance.

    I want to move on from simple point and shoot cameras and quite fancy the G12. Reasons being:

    1. View finder - I find screen only pain in bright light
    2. Flash gun shoe - Will be wanting extra/better flash for low light indoor work (stage performances etc)
    3. Raw - want to be able to be a bit more creative
    4. Reviews all seem great
    5. Price - available for about 350
    6. Canon reputation

    With a budget of 300 - 400 is there anything else I should consider?



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    the g12 is a good camera it is a bit short on zoom but has good iq. how far will you be from your subjects

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    Hi Matt,

    The PowerShot G12 is a great option, but if you're looking for a creative compact with a built-in viewfinder, the other camera I'd recommend you take a look at is the Fujifilm X10. It's a great performer and with a physically larger sensor than that found in the G12, delivers the better results too. Can also be picked up for the bargain price of 349.

    The optical viewfinders on both models are fine, though not spectacular, so also consider something like the Olympus XZ-1 for 285 that can be paired with the VF2 electronic viewfinder for 199. This will make shooting a lot more pleasurable, though it will push your budget up.

    Hope that helps.


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