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    Hi All,
    Im after some advice on what camera to buy. Ive been looking at the Canon EOS500D package which comes with a 18-55mm 70-300mm lenses 470. A friend has a Canon and i like the feel and lay out of them. He said that as im just starting out i should look at the cheaper end of the market, like a 350D or 400D. As i wont be taking videos just pictures is there any other Cameras out there that you feel would suit a novice better. Ill be mostly taking pictures at Extreme sport events (mountain biking, motorcross, rallying etc). I have a maximum budget of 500 to get me started and aim to get my camera ASAP as ive booked into an evening college course covering Photoshop Programme.

    Really would appreciate any advice, help pointers. Great site........Thanks webby.

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    hi and welcome its not a bad deal for the 500d, the other 2 cameras are a lot older so stay away from them. what i would do is look at the 550d or 600d now that the 650d has been announced they will go down in price so you would be able to get the 550d which IMHO is a very good starting point. good luck

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    If extreme sports is your bag I'd also look at the Sony A37. Its fixed mirror technology gives it a maximum frame rate of 7fps with continuous AF, which is ideal. The Canon EOS 550D only does about half that (3.7fps) and the AF tracking isn't as sophisticated. The Sony's high ISO performance is better too, and you may need to use higher ISOs to get high shutter speeds in poor light conditions.
    Try it first though to see if you like it as it has an electronic viewfinder instead of an optical one.

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    Just noticed that the EOS 500D kit you;re talking about includes the 75-300mm lens too. Didn't spot that. 470 is a good buy for that, as you'll definitely need a telephoto lens too. The lens offered is not a great one, fairly slow AF and small max aperture so it may struggle with very fast subjects especially in low light, but it's a start. The A37 is 499 on its own and you'll need to add about 120 to get that tele-zoom lens, so probably beyond your budget.


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