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    Many thanks from the Admin team for your comments, I'm afraid water marks and copyrights are all new to me, how does one go about it please? many thanks..Caroline

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    hi all

    first off i would like to thank karen for the other day with here help
    i did have my images removed from the website in question with in 10mins of calling them but like the FatControlleR said nothing is safe when it comes to images on line unless you run a watermark on them and then there not 100% unless you make them in a way which lets you still see the image but if people try and say copy one and print if off your image is visible with your watermark on. The website that took my image could have taken my watermark off easy inside of Photoshop but they never did but ill make sure the next image i up load ill make it so hard for the next person that looks and thinks the same as my next one will be a watermark with a bit of free advertising added as i will show soon
    like i say to people i try and be good to every body i meet but when im bad i give the devil a run for is money

    but this little matter will not stop me posting on this great site i ienjoy the forum and the people that come on it so don't think you have seen the last of me i'm like a bad penny i keep coming back lol

    any way ill get off my soap box

    have a great weekend if you can with this wonderful weather were having right now

    all the best

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    Default WDC article

    ..I can just sense a future WDC article in the making here!!

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    Hi PLW1053. You can remove any image this way; if you are already viewing your own images, then look to the right where you will see the word TOOLS. Click on the image you want to remove, click on TOOLS, a menu will drop down and then click on EDIT. The screen will change and above your image you will see a small box which you tick, and then click on the box to its right which says DELETE. Job done.
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