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    Default Copyright laws on this website

    can some one from what digital camera give me some information i need about the images we up load to this site as regards to copyright law as i have just found one of my images on a website Advertising Their Business displaying one of my images which as been taken from this website with out my consent


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    Our policy is definitely that all copyright remains with the user. We do occasionally post a thumbnail link a to gallery image from our Facebook page and newsletter etc but this will always go to the user's page.

    We would never intentionally use someone's image for financial or commercial gain without permission, so I am surprised to hear that this might be the case.

    Would you be able to send me the url of this page to and I will look into it as a matter of urgency?


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    hi karen i will give me 5 mins and i have all the info you need on this matter thanks for getting back to me so quick

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    email sent with a image as well showing you that they took it from this forum karen

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    Hi Russ. This is quite worrying and I'm thinking how safe are all our images here. Unscrupulous thieves have no conscience about nicking our pics for their websites so are we doing ourselves down by posting them here. Bet you never see any of Andy Rouse's pics on here!. This has given me serious concern and I'm going to do some soul-searching. All the best. Mike.
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    Hi Karen. Are you able to delete all my posted images in the Gallery?. I wish to have them all removed if you can do this. I can do it myself but it does take a long time, so please help me if you can. Many thanks.Mike.
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    ..just as a follow up to the last request...I was looking to see if there was a way of removing one or two older images from my gallery, is this possible?

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    Russ I'm sorry to hear what has happened to your image, I hope you can get them to take your image off their website. This information is extremely upsetting and worrying, I will have to give this issue some serious thought, what Members need now is reassurance there will not be a repeat of what Russ has gone through.. Caroline

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    With respect, if one places any image onto the Internet, and it is viewable to all and sundry, it is by its very nature open to abuse.

    The host cannot be expected to prevent passers by helping themselves to such images, whether that be flickr, photobucket, WDC, or a users own web site.

    If it's visible is nickable, that's as much a given now as it was 20 years ago when graphical browsers came about.

    As for removing content from this sites Gallery: the Image Tools dropdown menu offers that option.
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    Hi PLW1053. You can remove any image this way; if you are already viewing your own images, then look to the right where you will see the word TOOLS. Click on the image you want to remove, click on TOOLS, a menu will drop down and then click on EDIT. The screen will change and above your image you will see a small box which you tick, and then click on the box to its right which says DELETE. Job done.
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