Im hoping for a little bit of help. I am a newbie and just purchased myself a Nikon D5100 and I think I have some issues, maybe user error or maybe (I hope not) faulty camera. Let me explain.

I have left the setting on auto, everything is on auto but I am unable to take pictures. It keeps trying to focus and the screen flickers (im looking through the viewfinder not the screen). Sometimes it clicks and takes the picture and sometimes it doesnt. And even when it does sometimes the picture is blurry or dark or not in focus.

I know when the picture is in focus the green square will appear and im able to take the picture and through the viewfinder the circle in the bottom left stops blinking.

Im unsing the D5100 with a 18-55mm lens. On one of the pictures it took outside (which came out dark), the photo data was showing :- ISO 125 Auto, Focal Length 5mm, Lens 18-5. Very strange. It has done this on a few pictures.

Can someone assist and shed some light on this???