I am looking for a good DSRL camera and lense to photograph jewellery.

Would you be able to recommend a camera and lense to shoot professional-quality images good enough for print publications? The camera would need to give images that can than be processed in photoshop as 16 bit RAW files at a resolution of 300 dpi.

I have already invested in a light tent and might be able to buy a second hand lighting kit.

Could you recommend a good lense to shoot jewellery varying from 10 cm in diameter to 120cm x 30 cm for the larges pieces on a mannequin?

As the camera will only be used for the sole purpose of shooting jewellery it would not need any additional frills such as video.

At the most I could afford 1500 but if at all possible under 1000 would be less painful.

many thanks for any advice you may have,