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    Hi Mondo. My main Sigma lens for sport is the excellent 120-400mm, not the 200mm. It is quite heavy and after a while you sure know you've got it round your neck. At full stretch it is quite long, but the results are worth any inconvenience. Used lenses are a good option too, check out the used sections from reputable dealers like Mifsuds, Warehouse Express, and Park Cameras. At least you should get a warranty when buying from these dealers. Important to remember is to use a fast shutter speed with zoom lenses, to get a sharp pic. A rule of thumb is this; if using a 300mm lens, never shoot any slower than 1/300sec. A 400mm, use 1/400sec, and so on, get the idea?. All the best, Mike.
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    Hi mondo1,

    Here is my very rough guide to the setting you might want to select when taking photos

    100 great when there is a lot of light and best quality photos
    400-800 typical day in England depending on how overcast it is, i have my camera on this setting if im doing street photography
    1600+ this is the best setting for fast moving action, the only down side is the reduced quality


    F4 and below is great when you zoom in and want to blur out the background i.e. portraits
    F8 is theoretical best quality for a lot of lenses
    F14-16 is usual the best to for landscapes

    Shutter Speed
    If your shutter speed is lower than you lens length then there is a higher risk of blurred shots so if you have a 70mm lens then keep you shutter speed over 1/70 of a second

    All of the above is just a rough guide and there are no hard and fast rules but I find these all make great starting point



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    Default tv,av or sports canon 550d

    cheers luke ,mike and everyone who answered my post. lots of useful advice, got bike race this weekend so heres hopeing i get better images, thanks again


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