Here's the challenge; To take a clear, sharp image of one of our summer visitors, the SWIFT.
I've been attempting this very difficult feat without much success. Sure I have some images but they do not fit the requirements above. Why is this difficult?, I'll tell you why; the SWIFT flies at very high speeds and it twists and turns in ways that nothing that man has made could ever match!. The distance between bird and camera is changing so quickly that I doubt any auto focusing system could keep up. It's possible to capture a fluke image if you fire enough frames on your camera's max frames per minute of course, but don't forget the image must be a good frame filler. I've been trying this; watch the birds as they hurtle around and make a guess on how far away they are, then look at any subject that roughly matches the same distance. Then focus your camera on that and set it to MANUAL focus. Next, practice tracking the birds , panning with your camera to get an understanding of how these birds manouvre. As you pan with them watch for any that come into your preset focusing range and if they do then fire off the shutter. I find it impossible to focus on the birds using AUTO focus, that's why I recommend leaving camera set at a pre-determined focus and then fire off when a bird comes into range. This is a truly spectacular bird to photograph and when you try it you will know why!. Here's a slightly easier challenge if you can't get a SWIFT, try to photograph another summer visitor, the SWALLOW. This too flies at breakneck speeds at times but not as fast as the SWIFT, and at times flies quite leisurely so it could be possible to capture one AS IT FLIES which is the challenge. All the best to you all, and I hope we can see some spectacular pics soon in the gallery, come on, you know you can do it if you try!. Good luck.