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    Default More than Full HD 1080p?


    Relatively new user here with hopefully a simple question.

    I have a camera with Full HD 1080p video recording and was thinking of upgrading.
    Is there anything out there with more resolution than this for video capture?
    Most basic online sites don't mention anything higher.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hi there. I've been looking at Nikon and Canon DSLR's and using their comparison charts I can't find anything that provides more than 1080 video recording capabilities. If there is a camera out there that does I wonder how much it will be?. The most expensive cameras from the above don't have it, so what does?. All the best.Mike.
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    hi glasgowguy

    why would you need any more then 1080 for video
    the quality of some of the video's ive seen on youtube taken at full HD are breath taken using DSLR's

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    I meant to say, my current camera is a Samsung WB2000

    It's not that I need a higher resolution as such, but with screen resolutions increasing all the time I'm trying to future-proof my footage as soon as I can, if that makes sense

    With some really huge TV screen resolutions being made I just wondered if higher resolution video was readily available yet?


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    Hi Glasgow guy
    JVC do a 4k camcorder but i think they are very expensive...Graham

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    Unless youve got some serious money, then anything above 1080p is guaranteed to be out of your price bracket, we're talking at least tens of thousands here, heck even the $120000 sony cinealta f35 camera only does 1080p as far as im aware. Theres cameras such as RED cameras which do 4k video, which costs a bomb, so for the time being, 1080p is what we're all stuck at.

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