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    Question What panasonic lense to buy out of these two? (for a present...)

    Hello, I am buying the lense for my partner's panasonic camera as her christmas present, she will be receiving a new Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1K Digital SLR Camera with 14-45mm Lens, however, i have been told to buy a lense for this camera that is to be the "wide and longer" you can tell i do not know much about these cameras and lenses!

    The options i think i have (within my budget) is either the Panasonic H-FS045200E 45-200mm Telephoto Lens or the Panasonic Lumix G 20mm/F1.7 Pancake Lens....?

    Which one will be better to buy for her to use? This is the first camera of this style she will have owned, she enjoys travelling so will be using the camera mainly then......

    what is the difference between the two lenses and what do you recommend?

    sorry it is a late reply but i need to order one online for xmas delivery.

    Thnkyou very much for your help.

    Merry Christmas!

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    The two lenses are quite different so it depends on what she wants from her second lens. The pancake lens is very small and slim, so is ideal when you want the camera to be as compact as possible – say, to fit in a coat pocket. And great for travelling. It's also very fast at f/1.7 so great for shooting in low light. But its a fixed lens, and the focal length is already covered by the 14-45mm. I'd say it's an alternative to that lens.
    The 45-200mm on the other hand is a tele-zoom, so ideal for photographing distant subjects and making them appear closer –candid portraits, sports wildlife, far away landmarks etc.
    If it were me, I'd skip the 14-45mm and buy the camera with the 20mm pancake lens, and get the 45-200mm. You'd then have a pocketable camera with a fast lens, and a tele-zoom too. The only thing you'd be losing out on is the wideangle range between 14-20mm. How big a loss that is depends on how much she's likely to use the wideangle. Wideangles are also great for travelling so its a tough call.


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