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    Hello, Newbie question, I have a Canon EOS 1000D with the stock 55-18mm lens, I want to invest in a new lens that will get close in to players from the edge of a football pitch, what lens should i be looking at and what cost should i expect? thank you.

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    I'll answer meself then, went into J*ss*ps, bloke reckons 300mm minimum, so now I have another question,kind people, what's a non canon make like Tamron or sigma like compared to a canon (apart from the massive price difference)? Will a mere novice like me notice the difference in picture quality? I also just found out some lenses work with digital and film cameras, learning every day...........

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    I can't comment on the Canon lenses I'm a Nikon user. The main attraction in buying Sigma/ Tamron is the price, Sigma do a great 70-300 APO. I had one of them and found it to be really sharp and built like a tank This lens will do your football games no problem. If you are thinking about it buy the OS version, you will need anti shake for zooming in. Hope this helps ... Graham

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    hi Suede

    like the saying goes you any get what you pay for but if your just trying to get some shots of a local football game then the Tamron or the Sigma 70 - 300mm will do you fine the reviews for the new Tamron are good it's had a update and plus its faster then the older Tamron 70 - 300mm when trying to track things in AI Servo mode. I have the older Tamron lens i had it come with my First DSLR as a deal and for the price its not to bad you will see a difference in the quality of your images then taken them with the kit lens right away that's for sure

    hope this helps you out in some way

    all the best


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    hi you havent mentioned a budget so welcome to photography and the price will vary from cheap to i need a mortgage. you can look at a 70-300 which should get you close to action but look at some reviews you need a fast focus too, i would then go and try the lens out i have said i am glad i did as i didnt figure on the weight issues.


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