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    Question Nikon D7000 or D300s

    Hi there, new to this forum

    I have been using a D200 for years now but haven't been able to upgrade due to lack of money. Finally I am in a position to get a new DSLR but am confused as to what would be the best upgrade.

    The D200 has been a great camera but its limitations and age now have become frustrating. I've been checking out the various options and have narrowed it down to the D7000 or the D300s. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which one would be the better.

    I do a lot of landscape and wildlife photography and will be making a trip next year to Iceland to photograph the northern lights. I obviously want something that will meet my needs for all of these things. So any advice will be warmly welcomed.


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    Hi LOz
    Welcometo the forum
    The D300s is still a great camera but getting long in the tooth, much like my D90. The D7000 has a new sensor and from what I've seen looks the better of the two. Hope the helps... Graham

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    The Nikon D7000 would definitely be the better choice if you don't mind the smaller form factor and slightly less professional build quality. The newer sensor and processor are a step above the D300s, and if you ever want to shoot HD video its implementation in the D7000 when compared with the D300s shows just how much it's improved in such a relatively short space of time.

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    i would give a vote to the d7000 too


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