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    I would like to upgrade from a bridge camera, which I have had for 6 months, to a DSLR. I have booked a basic camera skills course and would like a camera that I could grow with and add lenses to as needed. I am considering a Nikon D90, due the reviews I have read. My finances would stretch to this model but I would like to know what other cameras I should consider. I am really interested in landscape and macro shots. Could anyone advise which other SLRs I should look at. Thanks.

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    Hi Ladygaey Welcome to the forum
    I have a d90 and find it a great camera,you could also look at the d5100 which has the same sensor as the D7000., just missing a few bells and whistles If you are interested in macro and landscapes you will need also need to budget for 2 lenses. Hope this helps ... Graham

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    hi ladygrey

    in your price range you could all ways look at the Canon range as well there model's the 550D or the 600D . It is hard choosing your first DSLR i know i spent looking about 3months before i brought mine and then at the last min i changed as Canon brought a better spec one out which at the time i was going to buy the Canon 450D and before i got the money all together they brought the 500D out so i ended up buying that one that was four years ago now.As for lens like graham as all ready said this as to come in to the cost as well you can get some models in deals were they sell you the DSLR with what they call a kit lens or some times two lens which i did when i brought mine i had a kit lens and a zoom. Which will do the job of taken nice images but i once saw written when i was looking about buying my first DSLR its the quality of the lens that matters more then the Camera bodys and thats so true but if you do buy one as a deal and get one or two lens with it it dont mean you cant get good looking images just means you have to try that little bit harder as i proved to my self this can be done using a 99 lens when some one thought i had taken some images with a higher priced lens the shock on is face he got when i told him the lens i had used and price

    hope this is some help to you
    all the best Russ

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    These cameras are all great but you should also look at the just released Nikon D3200, which at 649 offers a heck of a lot of camera for the money. Landscape photography is all about detail and resolution and 24MPs give you plenty of both. Its a lot smaller and lighter than the D90 which you may or may not like, but does have a built in Guide mode that helps explain what the functions do which you can use if you need and ignore if not. Read all about it and watch our video in our


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