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    Default new lens for canon eos 550d

    cheers something else to think on

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    think i have my mind set on a sigma 100-300 f4 lens, only thing is i cant find any 2nd hand ones on the net, anyone any ideas ?

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    hi i have seen both posts on this and IMHO you need to decide what you need ie get closer or get a faster focusing lens. there are other ways to get better shots of fast moving subjects, with use of pre focus in manual mode or trying a1 servo for tracking.
    on the lens front i have just bought the canon 70-200is f4 and it was a choice against the sigma 70-200os f2.8. after trying them out i chose the canon although the sigma was a stop faster it was also very heavy which didnt suit my needs, but the canon lens is stunning and its non IS is in your price range if you go second hand


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