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    Question Upgrading to Digital - Can old non-digital lenses still be used?

    I soon plan to buy a new digital SLR. I still have lenses from my old (non-digital) SLR that I am keen to keep using.

    Before I buy, can someone tell me whether my old lenses can be used on a new digital SLR?



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    Hi Nikj welcome to the forum
    I use old Nikon lenses on my digital Nikons. They work fine but won't auto focus. Hope this helps ... Graham

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    Hi Graham C,

    Thanks for the reply. I have old Canon lenses so should be pretty much the same fucntionality as the Nikon, right?


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    Nikon haven't changed their SLR lens mount since 1959. , but i think Canon have.Perhaps a Canon owner would be better placed to give you advice. Good luck ... Graham

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    hi nakj17

    i read some were a post like this about using old lens on a new Canon body
    the best thing to do is google your lens as some sites tell you what lens still fit on new bodys or when you go to buy the new Camera take the lens with you

    all the best

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    If you have FD canon lenses they won't work on a DSLR unless you get an adaptor ring, The EF mounts will work but to what degree I don't know.Good luck ... Graham

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    Default Canon EF Lenses

    ALL Canon EF lenses, the autofocus ones that have been introduced since 1987, will work on all Canon dSLRs. The only exceptions, AFAIK, are Sigma-branded lenses, some of which, mainly the earlier ones made up to about 1999, which will not work, unless they have been re-chipped; unfortunately there is no way you can tell whether they have been re-chipped or not, so it is best to steer clear of Sigma-branded Canon EF-fit lenses altogether.

    It is a different story for Canon EF-S lenses, which were designed for cameras with APS-C sensors - they will not fit on full-frame Canon DSLRs or Canon Film SLRs.


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