Hi all.

I hope you can help me - i'm a complete novice, and I am looking for a camera suitable for taking photos of moving animals (particuarly whales and dolphins, from a boat) - so the shutter speed has to be good.

It also needs to have a decent zoom.

I've used high quality canon/nikon cameras with telephoto lenses before and taken some great shots, but my budget (and travelling luggage allowance!) won't stretch that far!

My budget is ideally less than 400 (although the cheaper the better!). I don't have a preference between DSLR and compact - if you can advise me on a compact with a good zoom and a fast shutter speed i'd happily consider that. If you advise a DSLR, should I keep the lense that comes with a new camera body, or try and find the camera body second hand and buy a different lense?

Thanks in advance for your help!