Hello everyone!

I've been struggling to make a decision about a new camera and was hoping someone would be able to please help me!

I've never been too much of an avid photographer and although I went through a phase of fiddling my my Dad's 35mm Canon SLR 12 years ago, I've always been a point and shoot kind of guy.

Recently I've been thinking of upgrading to something with a bit more functionality, I will use the camera for holiday snaps and landscapes when out walking.

I was thinking of getting a Canon G12 (294), my brother has one and I quite like the layout and the array of features. I then realised that the G1X (487) is now out but i'm not sure whether it's worth the extra 200?

The other camera I'm looking at is the Lumix GX1 (429 with 14-42mm Lens), I like the compact size and the fact I'll be able to change the lenses, I'd probably get a couple but don't want to spend a fortune straight away.

So any suggestions? I guess my question is G1X or GX1 and if G1X, is it worth 200 more than the G12? If the GX1 what lenses would you suggest?

Any help much appreciated!