I'm looking to purchase a DSLR for the first time and need some advice on what direction to go. Our 1st baby is due in June and I am after a camera that I can "grow into" as our child grows up as well. I am after something that is relatively easy to use at first, so I can get to grips with it; but also something that will give me great results over time as my skills improve.

I have been considering the Canon 600D and the Nikon 5100. My budget is around 500-600, ideally no more than 750 at a real push. Can anyone offer any advice as to whether these cameras would fit my needs, whether one is better than the other, or is there other kit out there that would be a better alternative?

Another question is should I go for the lenses that are available bundled with the camera body, or instead go for body only and buy separate lenses? If separates are the way to go, where should I start? As mentioned before, the majority of shots (at least at first) are likely to be of our new arrival.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's advice

Thank you